Deep Cleaning

Our hygienic cleans can turn any area into a clean, sterile and useable environment

Soul Clean offer disinfection, infection control and deodorizing services, to eradicate bacteria, infection and problem odours; such as tobacco, mould/damp and pet smells. Our deep cleaning services can be customised depending on your specific requirements, whether that be deep cleaning a commercial kitchen or focusing on public bathrooms and toilets.

We perform thorough cleans to break down gross filth, built up dirt and stubborn grime in all environments, both domestic and commercial.

Environments that may require a deep clean include;

  • ¬†Care homes and day centres
  • Hotels
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Gyms and health clubs
  • Offices/places of work
  • Residential properties

Our team of professional Soul Cleaners are highly qualified and well equipped to complete any job to the highest, industry standard, finish. Deep cleans can be carried out on a one off or regular basis depending on your needs.

Enjoy the perfect finish that can only be achieved from a professional deep clean. Call Soul Clean today!

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