Void Property Clearing

Whatever the clean, use the Soul Clean team

We can carry out a full clearance to any property when a tenant has vacated for various reasons. Soul Clean offers a full service for the cleaning and clearance of void properties and end of tenancy, including complete clean up in the event of the unfortunate death of a tenant.

We’ve also helped property owners and landlords to turn empty or squatted buildings into environments free from risk of disease and contamination, to ones that can be entered by trades to begin the process of refit and redecoration.

All properties are cleared, deep cleaned and sanitised, if necessary, and restored back to a saleable or “to let” condition. We take care of everything, including;

  • Human or animal decomposition after an undiscovered death
  • Human or animal faeces
  • Body fluids (blood, urine, vomit etc.)
  • Drug use (needle removal)
  • Suicide/murder (trauma cleaning)
  • Insect infestations
  • Hoarder/heavily soiled properties
  • Evictions/abandonments

Get your property restored back to a saleable or ‘to let’ condition in no time. Call Soul Clean today!

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